Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Crowd-Funding Instead of Crowd-Surfing?

There comes a time when every child must split away from their parents in order to go out into the world on their own. They need to see the sights, spread their wings, and -- wait, when did that ever cost THAT much?

When the moment arrives to actually pay for things themselves, it's a huge shock.  Unfortunately, the same holds true for the recording industry, and that's where the record companies come in to cover the cost.

Source: New York Daily News

However, the progressive metalcore band Protest The Hero has decided to take things into their own hands.

Using the crowd-funding site IndieGoGo, the band aims to fund their fourth full-length album in addition to providing perks for donations above a certain dollar amount.

These perks start at ten dollars, which provides the benefactor with a digital download, and can range from a pizza party with the band to having them cover a song of your choosing.

In addition to this, they provide their budget for creating the album at the bottom of the page, plus anything they spend on the perks, so that anyone who donates gets exactly what they're spending the money on.

At the time of this post, the band has almost reached double of their requested amount, and the band has specified that the money will be used to create their best album yet. They wrote that part of their goal in this was to "prove that making a top notch record comes at a price."

This could mark a slow change in the way the music industry runs, especially with the split from a record company after a 13-year run with them. Only time will tell.


  1. Structurally I like it! It's informative and uses quotes seamlessly within.

    Since the article appeared to be about crowd-funding and denial of record label tradition, it seemed weird that you only looked at on site, IndieGoGo, and not more. Although I did like how you used the band's story to illustrate your points

    1. Thank you! I may or may not add in more information about different sites and other bands that are taking this route at another time, or perhaps in another post.